Our Antwerp-based maison La Collection was founded by Florence Cools and Artur Tadevosian in 2017. The Belgian-Armenian label moves away from an outdated approach and creates a new responsible world for a conscious, strong woman. Our definition of understated, historic luxury and classic tailoring is leading the way for La Collection and our vision for the future of the industry. 

La Collection is a label characterised by authentic, historic luxury through timeless,  conscious pieces and advanced in multicultural and timeless collections. It is a story about passion and craftmanship, a world of its own where the history of clothing, art and architecture meet. The versatile collections are recognised by their muted colour palettes and their transcendent way to effortlessly transition from day to evening wear throughout seasons.

The inspiration for La Collection is inexhaustible, all creative elements as well as lifestyles play an important role. La Collection is about traveling through time and bringing the best back to today.


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